Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scam: Beautilinks

Hi Mate,

My Name is Cindy Heffelfinger and i work for Beautilinks international an advertising agency in the United Kingdom .i was given a contract to prepare a magazine for a travel agency in the UK and i need a beautifull and good

looking males and females both old and young.So i wanted to do something innovative and very creative for the company by producing a series of lovely pictures and faces of people from different tribes,religion,countries and

complexions.So i said to my self where else can i get some many face and people and i decided to make some research on and i came across that site and I then register for this site and was going through profiles when i came across

your picture i knew instantly that i had to add your pic to add to my collection and cause we are a legitimate company, and we found exactly what we want in you.

Let me start by introducing my agency, We are under advertnet international in spain and have been given this contract for the production of a magazine for travels by the biggest travel and tourism agency in the UK Travel Agent Central here is a website of our clients i came

across some of your lovely photographs and i believe if i could contact the owners and you will be coming to United Kingdom for the job. All the flight

fee paid by our company and all the documents needed will arrange for you by the company travelling agent.The shoot will commence on 10th of Jan 2011 in London Uk.

Our company is prepared to pay you 5000Pounds ($10,000) each day for the Five days job for a start and as the first deal goes if you give us a better deal we introduce you to more which you can earn upto $150,000 and so on and even a noticeable

fame.We will be sending you $500 for accepting our offer and the money will be sent you via cashier check from our accounting department.Although there will be much money on the check which you will use to arrange all the documents needed for your traveling.The check will be sent to you as soon as

we get the info needed from you to send you the check and when you get the check, you get it cashed and you deduct the $500 giving to you from the company for accepting the offer then you send the remaining money to the traveling agent whom will be helping you out with all the document

needed for your traveling..I'll need the following information from you to send you the check.

Full Name......






Home phone


Cell Phone Number.....

Office Phone Number.....

If you are really interested in my offer then you get back to me because i have some other applicants but i wish to offer you the job. Looking forward hearing from you soon..

God Bless

Cindy Heffelfinger

Friday, December 17, 2010

Scam: Contact Shell Oil & Gas Organization International For Your Winning

from Mr. TERRY LEE (
date Sun, Dec 12, 2010 at 8:19 AM


You are highly congratulated.
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