Monday, May 24, 2010

Scam: Modeling Job Offer

from FHM Magazine (
date Mon, May 24, 2010 at 6:36 PM

Dear Admired Model,

We are inviting you to participate in the upcoming shoot organized by FHM Magazine for the professional photo shoot. No nudity, fetish, bondage and other adult content stuff.
This exposition is going to be held on 13th of June in Miami, Florida..The shoot will commence by 12:00 noon and end by 3:00 pm which would take you complete 3 hours.
This project will be the first to organize by my company and is basically on photo shoot to display latest fashions and designers for commercial purpose and be inform that it is an
outdoor show and it would be publicized.
All traveling Expenses, Food and Accommodations/Hotel would be covered by my company.
As matter of choice,you can bring along any one of your choice to the shooting venue as your protector, But the company will not be responsible for their well being.
The company would to pay you the sum of $150 as hourly shooting rate and your total payment for the 3 hours would be $450.00.
The company has personal photographers and makeup artist,so we have made all necessary arrangement for your good looking on that day and also our photographers are available to give you best directive.
You are not required to do any make up on your own because the company has provided make up artist to cover that aspect.
Please be notified that your job payment will be inform of a certified check which will include your payment of $300 and remaining balance would be remit to the Fashion
store/Makeup Artist so as to get the makeup stuff you will be modeling with. If you agree with this and ready to carry out this exercise kindly get back to me with the below

Name to be written on check:............
Residence address:(Not Po. Box).......
zip code:..........................................
Mobile phone number:.......................
home phone number:.........................
Nearest airport:..................................
Health condition:...............................
Other occupations.............................




from Angelina Greene (
date Sun, May 23, 2010 at 1:10 PM

Hi! I am Angelina Greene. I am the P.R.O SILVERBIRD FASHION EMPIRE. The
silverbird group is synonymous in the Fashion industry in New York and other
states in the US. The firm was established in 1997 by Late Mrs Pierre
Scotland of blessed memories The first office was established in the heart
of Milan in Italy. The firm started with a work force of 9 including the
Late Mrs Scotland. The shop dealt in Clothing and Jewelries. After 13 years
of successful running, the board of directors have decided to venture into
the Modeling Scene.

Our first NEW YORK fashion week will be holding between 24th to 30th of June
2010. We are willing to hire 50 models and 20 make up artistes for the show.
We are also willing to make 20 of the models and 7 make up artistes
permanent staffs after the Fashion week in New York. The show would be
covered by all Fashion TVs in the US. Red carpet sessions to be covered by
E! News. We are also partnering with several other designers. Some of which


* Bold: All successful models love to pose, walk in front of little or
huge audience and perform. They feel in their own shoes doing this job and
love their job. If you are person who enjoys performing if front of other
people, that’s one of the signs that tell you about good possibilities in
modeling industry.

* Stubborn.
Modeling as a job requires a lot of stamina and patience. You have to be
stubborn, if you want achieve something; also you need to be very hard
working. There are times when you can be without any job, but if you get one
– it may take many hours to make photo shoot, so you need to be ready
emotionally to work through all this.

*Adapt yourself.
You have to be able to concentrate yourself on specific areas, adapt your
personality, charisma, your charm and change it whenever it is necessary.
You need to be able to sell yourself – then to sell various products.

*Be smart.
Models have to learn a lot about modeling and modeling industry. If you want
to be successful model you need to know how to be independent in business
and how to survive in this big world of modeling. It is dangerous if you
can’t learn it fast. You can be exploited by others in the industry.

*Be outgoing.
Models all the time meet new people, and various situations. Models need to
perform in front of strange people every day. Successful models like new
challenges, experience and meeting different people every day.

*Self respect.
You need to protect yourself from others pushing their way through other
people. And with little self respect you won’t do it. So make sure you know
your value and don’t let others to use you for bad things and situations.

*Be ambitious.
If you thing the way to the top in modeling world is easy, you are very
wrong. Models career for most of famous models these days was not easy,
because of many factors, but the main factor still is big competition. You
need to have ambitions and desire to go to the top. This desire to achieve
your goals in modeling will help you a lot on those hard days when you will
feel tired, exhausted and powerless.

Model is an independent business person responsible for his/hers own career.
You have to be able to take full care of yourself. This includes your
learning, physical upkeep; you practice of modeling, finances and your

*Control yourself.
You have to be able to control yourself mentally and physically. You have to
take good care of your health, body, emotions. Because models earn money
from their look, and if you loose a control, you will look not well of

Prepared for everything.
Models career is not very easy as I mentioned already. That’s why it is very
important to be ready for success as well as failures. Prepare yourself not
just for good things, it is much more important to be ready for bad days.
Learn fast to understand what can be those weak sides of you in modeling
world and be ready to change them for your own success. No one else can help
you with this, just you.

If you think you posses all the above qualities, then you are just who we
seek. I have attached with this mail the APPLICATION & GUARANTORS FORM.
Download, print, fill the form with your guarantor, scan and send back to
the email addresses below.

Please note that the space is only available to 50 models and no more. And
we only work on a first come first serve base. We will get back to you as
soon as we get the required information's. Thanks

Angelina O. Greene