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from Jessica Adams (
date Sun, May 16, 2010 at 7:15 AM

This will be an ongoing project from now on. Rock Fit is the name of my music project/band. This is more than just a music project however. With this, I plan to start a movement, bringing back the true rock spirit that I knew when I was growing up. I'm planning to get many people involved, including clothing companies, businesses, MUA, magazines.Images would be used on my page and the bands pages, and anyone else involved, for promotional purposes only. May possibly do a calender project and a glamour and beauty photo shoot, For promotional purposes on everyone's behalf. Eventually this will become a big network.
The main purpose of the job is that models are needed for my band magazines promotional works like launching of my new clothing line in collaboration with Marks and Spencer and Hugo boss so models will be needed to display my new clothing design including pose sections.
If you are interested, please contact me at Please note, I will only work with professionals on this as far as photography goes, with big projects like this it's a waste of time to get multiple peoples involved just to get half accessed pictures back. We're bringing it, and using our time to all work towards making something great, you need to come to the table with the same attitude and professionalism and there is no form of nudity.
I expect you to come to a shoot prepared and professional. I expect you to have the proper paper and I expect you to follow through with any agreements made. please make sure you check your mail often i may have update for you.
Let me also make a simple description of myself because i will like the people i work with to know me well;i am Jessica Adams born in Houston, Texas am a married woman with a daughter(Annie) I am a good Christian and I was baptized in a catholic church,i take communion (the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ) every Sunday and will never do anything bad that will bring me to shame in the eyes of the Lord i worship.I run a legitimate firm and will never do such things as scams.I also have a family because i know what goes around come around so if you are interested in this job offer just get to me via my email stated above and when contacting me attach a picture of yourself to it(portrait) and i will give you more details of the job. Thank You
I await your response.

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