Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scam: BOOKING !!!

from Daniel King (
date Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 9:21 AM

My name is Daniel King, A photographer.and I've a client who wants to update her Catalog with her new year Fashion outfits release & I'm
interested in you for the shooting.your pay for the job will
be $4,000. Get back to me with an acknowledgment of my mail.

Job Location
The shooting will hold at a rented photographers studio in
your location,so you don't have to worry about traveling,the
name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before
the date of the shooting,all make up will be taken care of in
the studio.You can come along with any body of your choice on
the day of the shooting,your mum,dad,friend,body-guard anybody
you wish to come with just for you to feel more comfortable.
Job details
You have 15 different Fashion outfits to cover,which would be
provided by our client on the day of the shooting.

Types of cloths;
Jeans and Jackets

Name of client;
Claudia Tim

Company Name;

Job percentage;
The total pay for the jobs is $4,000 and you get $1,400 as

your part payment.
Shooting Date;
The date for the shooting is not fix,I will have to make
arrangement for that ahead from now,I will email you the exact
date for the shooting a week before as soon as the arrangement
is completed with our client.

Very Attractive,Classy,In Great Shape,Extremely Outgoing &
Personable,out spoken,Must be Reliable..

Payment Policy;
As part of my working policy and ethics,I receive part payment
from any client before I proceed with any job and balance
immediately after the shooting,this is to identify a serious
client and ascertain the job,I hope you comprehend this fact.
I will keep you updated as to when our client wants to make

upfront payments.

You need to have good and attractive poses .(start practicing)
Basically this is all required of you,for your make up my
client will be taken care of it,you don't have to be bother
for any make up,please get in touch with me if you will take
the job and we can go from there,just let me know if you will
take the job to commence with next arrangement.

Daniel King
A Photographer
NB:Here is my web site in other to see my work (


  1. Hey, I am daniel king the ACTUAL photographer who owns this website.

    I have no idea who set this scam up and targeted me. Any ideas how to stop this kind of scam? Would appreciated any help



  2. Hi Dan, unfortunately, it's not surprising that scammers use your website as if it is their own website. There is no way to stop Nigerian scams. They have been around for a long time. You may want to comment on your website to let users know that if someone pretends to be you and uses a different email address (or contact information) then it is not you. -SS