Wednesday, June 16, 2010


date Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 4:48 PM

How are you doing today? This is THOMAS KELEB from Fashion Models,i am a freelance agent looking for talented individuals to work with me on a new project with Power Trust X press (Dealing with all type of Bikes), i happened to be the project personnel and resource manager heading the recruitment of models for this project,I found your profile on model and it was VERY FASCINATING,your profile is good,nice posture,flexibility and good looks.We 're happy to invite you in to come work with us on a photo shooting.We are doing the company's magazine cover for Power Trust X press and i need pictures of good looking people,beautiful women and gentlemen to pose with exotic Bike.Its promises to be fun,exposed and pays good OK.We touring all 50 states for shooting and that means you don't have to travel out of your hood just to part take in this because Fashion models is coming right to you.

Here is the details of the job; I have been hired to recruit models for promo advert piecework for Power Trust Express Inc. I will like to inform you that Power Trust Express Inc.. is a new growing motorcycling company looking forward to spread the world.....It's a company that deals with different brands of motorcycles (sport bikes, mountain bikes, power bikes, Harley Davidson and much more). This piece of advert involves photo shoots that will be used for banners, billboards and little handbills and catalogs. I am using this means to inform you that the company intend to spread its campaign in motor sports to other European countries such as Germany and Poland, and you have been invited to come work with us on a photo shooting and the shoots would be used for our catalog and billboards that would be placed in various cities of Europe and here in the States.

The company management would provide you with a make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer, attire (clothing), a studio would be rented by the project supervisor in your city and an appointment would be set-up for the shoot prior to the shooting date, so that you can both meet up at the location and have the shoot done, all shoots would hold in your city meaning no need for you to travel. The project supervisor travels from one city to another for photo shoots (take note), and as soon as you are booked, he will be coming down for the shoots. I will like to inform you that all shoots would be done in a casual clothing, No nude, no display of private parts of the body, all we need is a descent shoots which involves you taking a shoot posing with a sport bike. Shooting is scheduled to hold in a week time from today. And we do upfront payment just to get models fully prepared for shooting. The company payment officer would be the one to issue out payment to you but first LET ME KNOW YOUR STANDARD RATE ($) FOR SHOOTING.PER HOUR CHARGES.

As regards to this project, I will be waiting to hear back from you with the cost you are charging me for this and we would like to get to work almost immediately. I will be more than happy to entertain any questions from you. I hope to hear back from you soonest.

Kind Regards

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