Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scam: Burstmedia Advertisement

from Beck Limited
date Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 4:20 PM

Burstmedia Advertisement
and Modeling company.
61 Moscow Road,
London W2 4JS


I represent a Burstmedia Advertisement and HQhair hair and beautystore in London and we have selected your picture for advert of a new product for HQhair hair and beautystore here in London . all we need is your approval to use your picture so as to enable us process papers and documentation , note that FACE BOOK has given us 100% authorization to display this advert. it is 100% legal and risk free ,i want you to know that i will be terminating my FACE BOOK account for security reason so if your interested do contact me on my private e-mail..
I await your response and indication of your willingness to allow us use
your picture for this advert..
my private e-mail:

Solomon Smith.

Burstmedia Advertisement company.
Advert manager...


  1. I got one of these too, but it got my photo's off of ModelMayhem. They are very similar emails, here it is:

    Hope you are doing alright?I am Tony Smith and i will like to
    notify you that our company Burst Media is requesting the use of
    your profile photo(s) on Model Mayhem for a Blackberry Billboard
    Advertisement that will be launched at London's Gatwick Airport in
    January have the face needed for the job so you
    shall be invited over to London for the job soonest,We will require
    your approval by email and send few pictures to enable our sponsors
    process your payment.Kindly send your email approval and inquiry to us
    at,We will be awaiting your
    quick response.

    Tony Smith
    Asst Advert Manager
    Online Sales Rep.
    I'm sure it is a scam because it is uninformative about specific details, the grammar and spelling is off, and our emails are nearly the same. Hope this helped sort out your confusion!