Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scam: want to model

From: Sean Wallace seanwallacephotography231@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Hello ,
Thank for your interest in the Shooting Job ,here is more information about the assignment is a $1,600 pay Fashion job (Assignment) for you,My client wants to update her Catalog with her new year release Fashion outfits and to host one of the 2011/2012 model event with her new fashion from Italy this assignment is to encourage the upcoming models in the industry she is affiliated with the Academy Art,you don't have to be worried about your experience or present look because we have specialist stylist and make artist who will bring the real beauty out of you,I'm a professional photographer/Manager with 4 years experienced :). Find all details for the job below..

Job Location
The shooting will hold at a rented photographers studio in the Model location,so you don't have to worry about traveling,the name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before the date of the shooting,all make up will be taken care of in the studio.You can come along with any body of your choice on the day of the shooting,your mum,dad,friend,body-guard anybody you wish to come with just for you to feel more comfortable.

Job details
You have 12 different Fashion outfits to cover,which would be provided by our client on the day of the shooting.

Types of cloths
Jeans and Jackets

Name of client
Wilson James

Company Name
Diane Von Furstenberg

Job percentage
The total pay for the jobs is $1,600 and you get $250 as your part payment before the shoot to assure you that the job is yours and for you to get the neccessary thing you needed for the shoot .Shooting Date the date for the shooting is not fix yet,i will have to make arrangement for that ahead from now,I will email you the exact date for the shooting a week before as soon as the arrangement is completed with our client.
Very Attractive,Classy,In Great Shape,Extremely Outgoing & Personable,out spoken,Must be Reliable.

Payment Policy
As part of my working policy and ethics,i receive part payment from any client before I proceed with any job and balance immediately after the shooting,this is to identify a serious client and ascertain the job,I hope you comprehend this fact.
I will keep you updated as to when our client wants to make upfront payments

you need to have good and attractive poses .(start practicing) Basically this is all required of you,for your make up my client will be taken care of it,you don't have to be bother for any make up,please get in touch with me if you will take the job and we can go from there,just let me know if you will take the job to commence with next arrangement.
Do send your pictures of yourself to me if you are really interested in the shoot because the shoot is coming up this month and i dont want any delay .
Please I'd like you to check your email on a regular bases, I might have updates for you..
Thank And God Bless You ...


  1. Does anyone know the exact scam that goes on here?

  2. I got this too. I see that it's a scam, but what's the hook? What do they get out of this?

  3. I was contacted by a scammer that was reported on this site, how can I submit their email address so that you can post their message?