Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scam: Fashion Paid Offer.

from Ed Hardy Dav (
date Sat, May 29, 2010 at 2:10 PM

Dear Fashion Model Candidate:

We are seeking a select few professional as well as inexperienced
models to assist us with the modeling and photography of a major US
retailers 2011 fall clothing lineup. The photography taken for our
customer will be used nationally for ad campaigns, web site content,
literature print and major magazine publications. We are planning a
successful campaign and with your help, we believe this client’s fall
clothing line will have tremendous acceptance among the 18-30 year age
groups and a resulting success in sales for our client.

The interview phase of this project includes a formal screening with
all applicants and our shoot advisor, Mr. Richard Cowell. At the
conclusion of everyone’s first morning interviews, all candidates will
attend a half-day seminar on proper shoot preparations (including
hair, make-up, shoes, nails, etc…), successful modeling techniques,
and photographers interface. The second phase of the interview
program will include a morning meet and greet where the candidates
will have the opportunity to meet and talk with our talented and
professional photography team. Photographers will be evaluating this
year’s candidates and assisting each of you with tips and tricks on
how to do your absolute best when on the set.

We will begin photography on day 2 following an early group luncheon.
Each of the candidates will rotate on a one hour schedule working with
our photography team, shoot coordinators and our shoot advisor.
Photography will continue early into the evening on the second day
until all candidates have completed three full fashion sets, one with
each of our professional photographers.

Final selection of this year’s candidates will be based on input from
the photographers, results review of your photography work by our
customer’s management team and final input by our shoot advisor. We
are selecting 12 women and 12 men, ages 18-30 years old. Each must be
height and weight proportional, well groomed, good posture, and
healthy, friendly smiles. Announcements of the 24 selections will be
made personally by telephone calls from our shoot advisor or one of
our photographers.

Each candidate that properly completes and submits their CANDIDATE
REQUIREMENTS will be considered for the interview phase. We will be
accepting 50 women and 50 men for this year’s interview program. We
are aware that these are extensive requirements in order to be
eventually selected and each person selected for the candidacy
interview phase will be compensated in a pre-paid amount of $400.00
2hrs for their contribution towards a successful selection program.
Compensation will be in the form of a check delivered via Fed-Ex to
our candidate’s home just prior to the following week’s interview
programs. Accompanying each check will be the instructions all
candidates will be required to follow in order to complete the
scheduled interview phase.

If you have decided to pursue your interests in this exciting
modeling career opportunity, please forward the following information
in email format to:

or simply just attach the below information and photo submittal
requirements in a reply to this message.

Good luck and best wishes for a successful interview, selection and
fall photography campaign.

David Smart.


1. A brief description of your training and any recent modeling
experience (professional or non-professional, we want to learn about
each of our candidates)

2. 2-3 Pictures that you consider display your best features. One
must be a close-up head shot; one must be a full length image of you;
and optionally if you chose to submit a third photo, you are free to
select any picture you feel shows your best work in front of the

3. Candidates Contact Information:

Full Name



State, Zip Code

Contact Phone Number

Email Address

David Smart

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