Friday, May 28, 2010

Scam: hi

from Posh Models (
date Fri, May 28, 2010 at 8:20 AM

My name is Joseph Jo, I'm a freelance modeling agent.I e-mailed you
regarding your post on I was thrilled when i saw
those Pictures of you, I quite appreciate your looks and would like to
work with you on a small contract if you care to. I work with a newly
opened clothing store in California named Exclusive Clothings in
recruiting models. we are currently wanting Models for the promotional
sales and advert; In publishing and posing of the Stores Sales Promo
Magazine to boost their sales and help them pave there way up the
clothing industry meeting up with the world of fashion today.
Shot will be taken to advertise their products . Let me know your
charging plan for 2 hours just for a day shoot.the shot will be held
as soon as we both agree on when it should be held and the pictures
will be used for the promotion sales and website designing.. The Store
will be responsible for the provision for your clothing’s, make-up and
hairstyle that will be used for the shoot. The location of the shoot
will be somewhere close to where you are
located to avoid any traveling inconveniences on your part. As soon as
we both agree, the photographer will get in touch with you to agree on
the location, date and time of the shoots and he will be coming over
to meet you up so that the shooting can be done in good time. Let me
know if you're ok with $300 for 2 hours of your service and fund will
be sent to you immediately on confirmation of your payment information
as clearly outlined below this e-mail. After payment has been
received, the photo shoot will be taken and sent to the store. There
will be a pre-arranged photographer, hairstylist and a make-up artist
that will be coming over to you for the shoots. They will be
contacting you for proper arrangement of time and location after
payments has been made. In order for payment to be made to you,
provide me with the following details:
Name in full…..

Zip/postal code...
Phone number...(cell and home)
E-mail Address:
Charges...$300 (2 hours)
Any previous Modeling Experience...
I wait your quick response

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