Tuesday, June 15, 2010


from Intermediate Consults (intermediateconsults@yahoo.com)
date Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 10:39 AM

Mediadesign is a consultancy company based in the UK,due to good logistics and the implementation of adverts designs for customers,our work network increases day after day..
As a result of this extension, we are required for a project work in the US,Our new customers in the US,will like to update their business catalog, for a display of products..
In the project we are seeking Model's photography shoot for the catalog making.Models are expected to be able to show various expressions for different shoot.Model will be paraded in different outfits of designer clothes like Versace,Gucci,wrangler,custom club,beach wear and other
The intending project is slated to begin in two week time,which will run for a month,we bring in experts from the UK who will work with you to accomplish our mission for a satisfying job..
We pay 400 dollars weekly for an interested model for the job,each model is expected to do 16 hours for the week..
In the quest of searching for models to work in this project, we got your statistics on modelmayhem.com and would like to seek you interest for the work..
if you are willing to be considered for this offer, you can response,with your scheduled time for the work,but you are expected to work at least 2 hours each day selected by you during the week..And the time for work start 10am through 6pm daily
Location close to you for work will be communicated to you two days before start.
An upfront payment of the first week will be paid to prove how serious we are for the job
we hope to hear from you soon
Best Regards
Frank Godson

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