Monday, June 7, 2010

Scam: Print Shoot

from Dan Anderson (
date Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 12:04 PM


My name is Daniel Anderson a professional photographer, am willing to work with you for an upcoming print/fashion gig. Our client is starting up a Clothing line, so we will be doing a 2 in 1 project (Print and fashion shoot ), the photo-shoots will be published in their new magazine.. We need active, energetic, reliable, punctual, diligent models and good team player for this assignment.
Here is more details about the shoot:-

Date:- July 5th - 10th
Length of shoot:- 5hours/day.
Compensation:- $325/hr (Paid Assignment)
Location:- Washington, DC
Project description:- Print/fashion..

Arrangement has been readily made with Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and others to make sure the shoot is the best of its kind. Beside your travelling expenses and hotel accommodation will be handle and an advance payment will be made before the shoot dates.
Our scout team will pick up at the airport in Washington and you will be lodged in a luxury five star hotel for the period of the shoot, please be we need you to be active during the shoot.
The advance payment will be made via check, get back to me with the details below:-

Full Name:-
Physical Address:-
CellPhone numbers:-
Marital Status:-
Shoe size:-
Hair Color:-
Hair Length:-
Any previous Experience?................

Email us few pictures and the info's above to ( OR


Bonus shoot:-

Our photographers will help you in enhancing your portfolio to good standard after the shoot @ no cost.

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