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Scam: International Booking Offer for Project as Artist, Spokes-Model, Singer, Actor: "Women Beauty Speaks for peace"

date Sun, May 9, 2010 at 11:47 AM

Dear Ms. Model

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with knowledge that you are never alone. -Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)"

"When we create harmony in our minds and hearts, we will find it in our lives. The inner creates the outer. ALWAYS........

PROJECT NAME: "Women Beauty Speaks for peace"

You got angel eyes and I belive the beauty of your eyes can spark the world, I am really impressed to view your profile on your website MM You got a face which can turn the world to look on you what you are saying and hope you will be the best in your work and I would like to offer you Being Young Model/VJ/Hostess/Actress/ Spokes-model you are getting a chance to serve the mankind as the beauty has the power to chance the world i must say that Your face can change the World with happiness and peace.

Please consider our offer as the token of peace and love for every human being and your face will be in the eyes of every human in this world when you say on media" WE ALL HUMAN NEED PEACE".

You will be giving public message over the print and electronic media for the Peace, which is most important for whole world. In this regard, we will arrange full media movement in the United States and areound the world and your face will be focus with the message of peace and love for every body.

This is the unique offer Send if you want to know more than please send me your full CV and details of your profile along with contacts so we will give you the presentation and send you the draft of contract which you will review and let us inform the terms of working for long term. Through this working photographers of the world and media will give you coverage with lead stories so now its up to you that you want to work or not.

I hope you will respond because you have the talent to work with this cause even we are paying but most important the will you and we have for the peace full world.

I am forwarding you the draft contract along with the responsibilities of the work and job in attachment of this mail, if you wish to work with us just e-mail your all details , and if you want to tel us urs terms we will amend or add into the contract and send us back with all relevant information we are looking to legally finalizing the Contract with you, although we have to rush to final this because we are in short of time.

As we got your consent, we will hold the telephonic talks with you or your any official to make it best way. After finalizing the contract, you will traveling to Dubai to attend the first Ambassadors Summit 2010

Have a Good Day, Regards
Asra Kishwer, Executive Director
World Peace Mission
Universal Tele: +92-300-5047899
UAE DIRECT :+971-50-9209962
Secretariat Tel: +92-51-280-9548
Secretariat Fax:+92-51-280-9551


"Beauty Speaks for peace"

You may wonder why we have selected Models, Singers, Musicians, Actors and a high-profile business personality to represent The World Peace Mission Organization around the world.

Can their star power raise awareness about the suffering and needs of millions of uprooted people around the world? On the other hand, they can motivate the leaders and peoples for Peace & Human Rights.

While our Goodwill Ambassadors come from diverse backgrounds and have different skills, they share one thing in common an unstinting willingness to use their time and influence to help those who have been forced to flee their homes due to persecution or conflict and Peace can come to their life. This commitment is invaluable for WPM and that's why we treasure them so highly.

Goodwill Ambassadors for Peace like Cassandra Leigh, andAngela May Robinson communicate the message of Peace and Human Rights to the general public in a uniquely powerful way. They are serious, committed and engaged with our mission.

These celebrities use their privileged access to mass media, other resources, and their voice for Global Peace. Our Goodwill Ambassadors are uniquely positioned to make direct representations to those with the power to effect change.

Working from the heart, they use their talent and fame to fund-raise and lobby for Peace & Human Rights during meetings with world leaders as well as in the public. Their work supports World Peace Mission Organization protect build and advocate approach, Protecting Human Rights and moving for the Peace at Large in the world, helping build new lives and advocating for the displaced.

WPM first worked with Goodwill Ambassadors in the early 2002, when Australian female volunteer Ms. Angela May Robinson helped bring the Organization to a wider global audience.

Today, Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Cassandra Leigh working with us to help the most vulnerable and leading this Peace Campaign through out the world, and many others will join the World Peace Mission Organization till the sign inn ceremony on 28th May 2010 in Dubai

These pages give some background about our high-profile celebrity envoys and their work. They are also testament to the positive use of star power for social good. WPM Goodwill Ambassadors for Peace make a difference.


The World Peace Mission Organization planning and working very hard to organize the "MISS WORLD PEACE" pageant.The details will issue soon

Issued By the
Department of Public Relations and Events
World Peace Mission Organization
International Secretariat
405, Rashid Al Rashid Yateem Building Clock Tower Dubai-U.A.E,
Tele: +971-4-2955930 Fax: + 971-4-2955931
Cell: +971-50-9209962 Emails:

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