Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scam: Within Magazine Photo Shoot!!

from Within Magazine UK (
date Sun, May 9, 2010 at 8:21 PM

Top of the day to you,

My name is Ian Lee,a representative of "Within Magazine®",located on 11 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9LH UK.

You are receiving this email because we viewed your portfolio on Model Mayhem and we think you'd be an asset to the event this year.

Within Magazine has been around for a while but have gone through a couple of restructuring due to change in ownership of the Magazine itself as well as the type of fashion contents it holds.

We now have new owners and investors and we are looking to re-launch the magazine by the end of this second quarter of the year which our investment analyst believe will be the prime time to get the maximum effect in the market.

Also we are looking to bring new faces into the UK industry as our recent survey proved that magazine sales are dropping in the UK because they all have the same outline and also the same faces in them.

So we are looking to bring in something total different and unique by basically bringing models with different looks and ethnicity who have little or no experience in the field and make them into supermodels.

The shoot is going to be held for 5days,set to commence on the 2nd of June 2010 to the 6th of June 2010 in London UK.

You'll be paid £5000 for the 5 day event,averaging £1000 per day.

We are paying all models this amount as sign of guarantee to our intended subscribers that we are here to stay,so that way they will feel comfortable to invest or subscribe to us.

Also the Magazine will have different sections for different age groups that make up the community,that way we reach a broader group.

Do get back to me if you require more details or have any questions.

Looking forward to working with you.


Within Magazine®


  1. I got this email just today and i knew right away it was a scam,
    so i looked it up ASAP and it popped up as a scam of course i knew it would. This makes me so mad, i am a model trying to make a living off modeling this is what i want to do with my life, and there are people out there messing with young girls dreams getting their hopes up! It's not cool and all these people need to get stopped.
    the "girl" who wrote me said her name was "Rose S. Park"
    & i i replied with this back,
    "Send me a link,
    tell me more about this magazine
    send me the name of the editor and chef of the magazine please, so i can look him/her up. I want so many details for certain reasons
    1. this is being done through email,
    so how do i know if this is even real?
    Less you can send me REALLY good details and information, and maybe a contact number to you, if possible to talk on the phone. Thank you :]"

    & when she never replied back, that was also a red flag to
    it was a scam.

    Thank you for putting this scam up! I will make sure other models
    know this is a scam too so they don't get tricked.

  2. Anyone get an email from was told to email that address via the MM profile. The reply was very unprofessional, so many grammatical errors and the like, poorly written.. Yet no scam link on google yet.